Are you are spending too much on postage?

Every company seeks solutions to minimize direct mail marketing costs. Do those solutions reduce costs without reducing response rates?
FACT: 40% to 70% of every direct mail marketing budget accounts for postage. That’s a lot of money, so let’s start here.

With three generations of institutional knowledge as a mail service provider, EQ3 Partners set out to tackle this problem. Partnering with our data and software development team, we created a unique program that saves your company the maximum amount of postage on every mailing campaign.

Our process, PostageFLEX, is unobtrusive. There is no interruption to your current process. Taking your direct mail file, we perform a back-end data process that maps addresses through the most cost-effective path of the USPS® network, saving the most postage possible. The completed file is returned to you in the format you request.

Find out if you’re paying too much for postage. You might be surprised to learn that you are spending money needlessly.

Want to know more? With a simple review of current mail.dat files, find out today if our software can reduce the amount of postage you currently pay.

EQ3 Partners understands the business of direct mail marketing and has solutions to maximize the performance of your existing platforms. Contact us today to learn more at