Logistics. How well is your vendor performing for you?

How dependable is your vendor?
Do direct mail campaigns meet scheduled in-home delivery dates?
Do you have complete visibility for shipments in-route?


EQ3 Partners brings expertise and knowledge as a past letter shop and presort owner.  We are proud to announce our partnership with National Parcel Logistics (NPL). Known for excellent service since 1997, NPL has expanded to the Dallas area to provide proven and dependable logistics to Mail Service Providers.


NPL is unique. It is the only national direct mail consolidator with a subsidiary that owns a fleet of 60 trucks operated by employed full-time drivers. NPL features a time-definite delivery network enabling maximum postal discounts with minimal shipping charges.  Strategically located facilities improve routes and minimize distances to post offices. NPL encompasses the consolidation and expedited networks to move materials between your locations and those of your partners.

NPL offers consolidation rates at nearly LTL delivery times with “on time” delivery rates exceeding most logistics providers. NPL’s pricing is less expensive and delivery is much faster and more dependable than most competitors.


Discover NPL’s unique logistics portal, DeliveryConnect, a secure and customized access for every shipment. It displays costs, projected and real-time delivery dates, in-route status, estimated in-home dates and provides proof-of-delivery for SCF and NDC destinations. With DeliveryConnect you will also be able to:

  • Upload Mail.dat files to create jobs
  • Plan loads by truck or by pallet
  • Receive quotes based on planned loads

Consider NPL for dependable logistics for your company, excellent service for your customers, and cost savings for your bottom line. EQ3 Partners understands the business of Mail Service Providers and has solutions to help you retain customers and increase your business. Contact us to learn more at sales@eq3p.com.