Having difficulty increasing your ROI?

The high costs and timeframe to produce a mail campaign has Direct Marketers researching other forms of marketing, hoping to reduce costs and improve the overall return on investment (ROI).  Direct Marketers will use Digital Marketing because of the sophistication.  The similarity between Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing is still the low ROI.  Direct Mail Marketing is still the best way to market, and one way to increase your overall ROI is to clean the address data.

How clean is your data?

The fact is up to 15% of the Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) in Marketing Mail accounts for 62.8% of all UAA.

Marketing UAA mail pieces are disposed as waste with no returns or are delivered to the wrong person at the old address. Most Direct Marketers think National Change of Address (NCOA) processing corrects most of the problems because it allows them to qualify for automation postage discounts. Currently, 47% of  households under the age of 35 do not submit a NCOA to the USPS when they move, causing UAA problems.

Is there a solution that will lower the UAA, increase response rates, and ultimately increase ROI?


EQ3 Partners created a solution called DataCleanz, which goes beyond the basic NCOA process of cleaning the address data.  Our process has unique, proprietary, multi-step procedures that provide five times more in-depth proprietary change of addresses to achieve address optimization.  DataCleanz will identify, correct and reduce most UAA not caught by NCOA and CASS/DPV processes.  We offer different pre-mailing and post-mailing solutions for customer files and prospecting files.  Our processes can recapture 60% of lost customers at their new current addresses. We don’t stop there! We offer a custom solution that uses USPS to verify those changed addresses for future mailings using your company’s unique business rules.  By using DataCleanz, you lower your acquisition cost 7% to 10%, improve your response rate and increase ROI.

We can help!  Before mailing your next direct mail campaign, let us take a look at your data.  We can provide a free address optimization analysis on your data, some restrictions apply.

For more information on DataCleanz, or on any of our services, email us at sales@eq3p.com