Marketing your product is your priority.  Marketing to the right audience is our priority.  As a past letter shop and presort owner, our expertise can assist with targeting the right audience for your marketing campaign.  EQ3 Partners has access to various list sources, enabling us to have vast array of list products to assist our customers with their list needs.

What audience are you trying to reach?

Not sure?  We can help!

Marketing to a general audience, with saturation and is carrier route sorted for walk sequence saturation rate, is Residential Database.  EQ3 Partners offers Residential Database with 100% coverage, reaching every household in the U.S.A. This is the most economical list and includes the best postage savings, too.

Are you looking to target a general audience, keeping the walk sequence discount, but want consumer names?  We have just the list!  ResPlus is a resident list merged with a consumer list.  Where the addresses match, it takes the consumer name.  ResPlus is still in carrier route sort for walk sequence saturation rate, and still has 100% coverage reaching every household in the U.S.A.  ResPlus has an 85% appendage rate, the highest name appendage available for resident lists on the market.  This allows you to personalize your piece and increase your response rate. Residential Database and ResPlus are updated monthly, which helps us guarantee our customers are getting the most updated data available.

Want to increase your response rate further with a more personalized approach?  A Consumer Database will add that dynamic to your direct mail campaign.  Consumer Database is compiled from various sources, narrowing your target of consumer households that meet your marketing criteria.  Consumer Database is also updated monthly, which allows us to ensure our customers are getting the freshest data available.

If you need to target businesses, that is not a problem either!  EQ3 Partners has access to various business list sources to get you the right business list data for your direct mail campaign.  Business Database offers the ability to select businesses by certain SIC’s, by sales volume, or even by employee size, and that’s just examples of a few options.

And, if your target audience is a little outside of ordinary, that is ok, too!  EQ3 Partners has access to specialty list sources that you typically won’t find through regular list sources.

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